To Become Member

  • You may browse and select suitable membership plan from the various options. (Plans may gets changed with/without prior notice)
  • You may inform us about your wish to become a member by email/call/message with your chosen membership plan. We will guide you further
  • Before submitting the registration form, please read all terms and conditions carefully


  • The membership fees, one time registration (OTR) fees and refundable deposits to be paid by cash/cheque to start the rental services (according to the plan selected)

Rental Services

  • Kidoz club offers variety of toys, puzzles, blocks, games both indoor and outdoor on rent for the time period mentioned in the membership plan for your child age between 1 yr to 7 yrs
  • After registration, login into your account , select the toy/toys (as per the plan) online , add to cart and the same will be delivered to your doorstep within 48 hours from the date of selection

Delivery of Toy

  • A person from Kidoz club will come to deliver/exchange the toy/toys within next 48 hours after calling you. Please make sure that you or family member will be available at your home to make delivery on time.
  • The person will come to deliver the toy/toys undelivered in first attempt within next 24 hours. Member has to pay Rs 50 as second attempt delivery charge

Toy care policy

  • Your child can play and enjoy the toy during the retention period (specified in plan) but make sure with utmost delegacy and care. If the toy/toys would be lost, damaged or part of it be lost/missing/damaged, the repairing cost/replacement cost for the same would be adjusted with the amount of refundable deposit. If the toy needs to be replaced, the market price for the same would be charged
  • Read the manual or instruction given with toy before using the same. Use electronics & battery operated toys with special care
  • We give battery operated toys with charged battery, but due to usage or over a period of time it gets exhausted , you need to recharge or change the battery to make the toy operational
  • We use harmless/child friendly sanitizer or food grain disinfectant material to clean the toys every time before rotation. So we expect toys to be given back with proper condition.
  • Do not use/ play toy with water and sand, if otherwise it means for the same.
  • We deliver toy/toys in bag/box, so keep the bag/box as it is and return the toy/toys in the bag/box along.

Returning/Exchanging policy

  • You will receive a message/email 2 days prior to the due date of the rotation. So you are supposed to select ‘return toy’ option for the toy from the toy/toys held with you. And select another toy/toys from the available toys for next delivery/rotation.
  • If you are unable to return toy/toys on due date of rotation, Rs 50 per day will be charged as late returning fees

Break Policy

  • You are going on vacation…or child’s exams are coming…No worries…You can take one week break in 3 months plan and 2 weeks break in 6 months plan as per your need and wish. Your plan expiration date will be extended accordingly by that much time. You need to just inform us in advance. Before availing this facility, make sure that no toys with you

Cancellation of membership

  • On expiry of the membership, you have option to continue or withdraw. In case of continuation, you have to select the plan, pay the membership fees and enjoy the rental services for the time period as per your new plan.
  • In case of discontinuation, please intimate us about the same by mail/message. But make sure you have returned the toy/toys lying with you on/before due date of the expiry.
  • You will receive the deposit amount by cash within 7 days from the date of application of discontinuation of the services or the expiry of the membership plan whichever is later. If any due is pending, the same amount will be deducted from the deposit and remaining amount of deposit will be refunded.
  • Kidoz club reserves the right to terminate/cancel the membership for whatsoever reason of any member with/without prior notice, if found any misuse of the services, not indented to use the service for.