Every child loves to play with toys. We believe that playing with toys enhances child’s imagination power, creativity, hand -eye co-ordination skill, fine motor skill, physical strength and much more. Choosing a right toy at various stages of childhood is a big & important task for parents. Being a parent, it is always a challenging stuff to select the same in today’s busy life style. Again, after spending too much money on toys, it is of no use in very short period of time as the child grows and interest gets changed frequently. So, disposal of toys is also an additional task. Considering the current life-style, time constraint, space constraint, budget constraint etc, borrowing is the best option.

With a vision to make parents free from all these hassles, KIDOZ Club offers a variety of Toys, Games, Puzzles, Blocks on rental basis. We consider the various factors while purchasing the same on behalf of you like Safety, Hygiene, Creativity, Brand and many more, so that your child will get the right thing at right age which helps the child growing with fun.

We provide new toys on every 15 days rotation. So, Join us and let your child enjoy his/her childhood which he/she really deserves.

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